Expert Dental Coaching to Enhance Your Dental Team’s Skills...

With Comprehensive, Contemporary, Evidence‑Based Training From Industry-Leading Experts


All You Need to Run a Successful Practice In One Place

For training to make an impact, it has to be…

That’s exactly what you get inside every DSO Academy course.

Expert Training to Enhance Your Dental Team's Skills

Don’t Just Train Your Team. Transform Your Team.

Get new team members up to speed fast and prepare existing team members for a higher level of performance so every part of the business runs smoother than ever:

The marketing team runs a great campaign and hits all their KPIs.
A new patient calls in. Your front-desk team gets their insurance information, smoothly onboards them, and schedules their appointment.
When the patient arrives, everyone on your team knows exactly what to do. When the patient leaves, they’re already in the system with automated follow-up set up based on modern best practices.
And you know it’s set up based on modern best practices because…

Each of Your Team Members Is Certified Through The DSO Academy

They’ve shown true mastery of the content and you can be confident they don’t just know all the theory, but how to apply it as well.

Each course your team members complete doesn’t just add credibility and value to them. It adds credibility and value to your entire group or practice.

Who Is This For?


Welcome to The DSO Academy, where transforming your dental practice becomes a reality through expert knowledge, simplified. Our academy is distinct, offering you practical, real-world strategies directly from top professionals in the dental field. These are more than just theories; they are proven methods that have shown real results.

Imagine the freedom to focus solely on your dentistry, supported by a team that’s been trained by the best in the nation!

Our courses are designed to be straightforward and accessible, taught in plain English, and tailored to focus on the essentials of your practice. Are you ready to elevate your dental practice? Enroll your team in DSO Academy today and embark on your journey to unparalleled success because your team is certified by others who have already been down the road you want to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are created by leading practitioners in their fields, offering you practical real-world strategies. They contain more than theories; they contain proven methods that have shown real results.

Yes! If you’re unhappy with any of the courses for any reason, just email us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Yes! Just use the courses explorer section above to select the course you want.

You can! Just select the courses you want in the course explorer above and choose the correct number of seats for your team. 

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